The technology of siting and building wind power...

ModellingModellingProspecting the world for wind

A location that is effective for large scale wind turbines needs to satisfy four wide-ranging criteria. The site needs to be windy, located close to major electricity lines, have community and landowner support and satisfy environmental and planning considerations. So how do we use our technology to achieve a world-class result?

bladesbladesDeveloping a wind farm

Even if you haven't seen huge wind turbines in person, you're sure to have seen photos or videos of them. But what's the process that occurs before they're up and generating electricity? Here we take a look, going right back to the first on-site measurements of wind speed and finishing with a working windfarm. It's an extraordinary journey.

modeling turbulencemodeling turbulenceModelling turbulence

We've all felt the way that wind swirls and eddies around obstructions. But what can be just an inconvenience for urban pedestrians can be potentially destructive of wind turbines. Furthermore, a wind turbine located without regard to turbulence can produce far less energy than one correctly sited. So welcome to the cutting-edge world of modeling wind turbulence - making the invisible visible!