Otter Lake Wind Farm Project

Windlab used its WindScapeTM mapping technology to identify the project site. Wind monitoring is currently under progress at the site.

Project details

Location In south British Columbia, Canada. It is 76 miles (120 km) north-east of Abbotsford.
Land type The site exists on previously cleared forest land.
Number of turbines Approximately 60 turbines
Total generation capacity Approximately 120 MW
Project cost -
Low emissions contribution Contribute British Columbia's renewable energy targets

Project summary

The site was identified by Windlab in 2006.

A 60 m wind monitoring mast was installed in May 2008 in order to accurately measure the wind regime.

Wind monitoring is continuing at the site. Pre-feasibility studies have also commenced.

A flora and fauna assessment of the site was undertaken in 2008. It showed that there are no known environmental factors that will limit the development of the project. Further studies will be completed once transmission line easements have been specified.