Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm

CBWF Land ImageCBWF Land ImageThe Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm is a small wind energy project located North West of Bendigo, Victoria. It is jointly owned by Windlab Limited, Eurus Energy and landholders neighbouring the project. This is the first renewable energy project in the country with an ownership structure that includes the local farming community in this way.

The project began commercial operations in February 2016 and it is currently providing the cheapest wind power in the country.

Project Details

Location In the Buloke Shire, Vic approximately 17km south of Charlton and 90km northwest of Bendigo
Land type The area is predominantly cleared agricultural land used for sheep grazing and cropping. The project has a total footprint of 4.5 hectares
Number of turbines 6
Total generation capacity Up to 19.4 MW
Project cost $40 million
CO2 savings 83,770 tonnes per annum

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