If you are a landowner and wind turbines are proposed for your land, what do you need to know?

1. Benefits

StockStockWind energy can bring many benefits to you and your community. These include direct payments made to you as the landowner, based on either the number of wind turbines placed on your land or the amount of power generated by the turbines. Your normal land use can continue and you have no financial risk.

Community benefits include jobs created during the construction phase and for the ongoing operations of the wind farm. In addition, property taxes and other payments can have substantial local economic benefits.

2. Fair commercial agreements

FarmerFarmerWind turbines will be placed on your land only if a fair commercial agreement is reached with you. Whilst recognising that individual landowners often have differing concerns, Windlab aims to ensure that all landowners are treated in an equitable manner that provides fair compensation if the project is successful.

3. Environmental and planning approvals

TractorTractorWind turbines are sited only when environmental and planning approvals are gained. Aspects including noise, the impact on the natural environment (including the disruption of habitats and potential bird strikes) and visual impact are carefully evaluated in detailed, independent studies.

4. Experienced and professional company

Wind mapWind mapWindlab is an experienced, professional company that specialises in locating and developing wind power sites. We have an excellent track record in wind power development in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United States. Our success has been underpinned by two important ingredients - our computer wind modelling is world class (that's largely how we found the potential wind power site on your land) and we develop strong and genuine relationships with landowners and communities.



Download an endorsement of Windlab from one of our South African landowners, by clicking here.