About Us

engineer modellingengineer modellingWindlab is a private company with headquarters in Canberra, Australia and wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada, South Africa and the USA.  Its major shareholders include two of Australia's leading venture capital firms: Innovation Capital and Lend Lease Ventures.


Proven Competitive Advantage

Windlab's key to success is the combination of experienced staff with advanced technology.  Our WindScape™ technology has allowed us to identify literally hundreds of green-field wind farm opportunities at a desktop level, by wind mapping extensive territories across multiple continents to a 100m x 100m resolution with more than twice the accuracy of other industry tools. Windlab has investigated and secured the best of these opportunities and today is developing more than 50 projects with an unparalleled success rate. WindScape™ has allowed Windlab to achieve this rapidly whilst deploying only a fraction of the capital used by other international developers.

Working with Windlab

Windlab has a successful history of working closely with other organisations to deliver wind energy sites including Investec Bank, Australian Gas Light, GDF Suez (through Moyeng Energy in South Africa) and Cennergi (Joint Venture between Exxaro and Tata Power). These organisations have benefited from participating in high quality wind farm developments, with considerably less uncertainty and lower risk. Windlab concentrates on the pre-construction phase of wind farm development and is happy to align with long term equity owners by retaining either a long term royalty interest or significant minority equity position in projects post construction.

Our Board & Management Team